The Arizona Health Care Association (AHCA) welcomes you to, your online resource to long term care in Arizona. Whether you are seeking information about one of AHCA’s member skilled nursing facilities, assisted living centers, business affiliates, want to learn more about the many benefits of membership, searching for a new career, or simply want to know more about the association itself, you’ve come to the right place.

AHCA takes pride in being the state’s largest professional long term care association and advocacy organization, representing skilled nursing facilities and assisted living communities.

The Arizona Health Care Association is dedicated to assisting our members in providing the highest quality of long term care services to their residents, and we look forward to being your valued long-term care resource.

The AHCA Story

Organized in 1953, the Arizona Health Care Association has grown into a strong and viable group of long-term care providers dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for Arizona’s elderly and disabled in residential settings. Today, membership encompasses the majority of licensed, operating nursing care facilities in the state, who together provide continuous nursing care and assisted living services to over 15,000 residents.

AHCA was founded to promote standards and ethics in the profession of long term health care, and to ensure quality care for nursing facility and assisted living residents. AHCA is a non-profit organization supported by membership dues, educational program fees, and other services.