Our Vision…

The Arizona Health Care Association (AHCA) is a professional association of skilled nursing facilities, assisted living centers, and businesses representing the long-term care profession. AHCA strives to enhance the ability of our member facilities to provide outstanding quality and compassionate care to meet the ever-changing health care needs of Arizona’s elderly and disabled citizens.

AHCA is committed to continuously improve the quality of life of all persons requiring long-term health care. To achieve these goals, AHCA works closely with government agencies and other community partners in developing, amending, and implementing sound legislation, regulatory policies, and standards of care.

AHCA works to influence society and government to invest in the well being of elderly and disabled individuals and to assure access to long-term care. AHCA is committed to developing sound public policy while balancing economic and regulatory principles to support quality care and quality of life. AHCA is dedicated to professionalism and ethical behavior in all aspects of long-term care.