AHCA PAC – Brett Robertson, Chair / Dave Voepel and Frank Caruso, Staff
This Political Action Committee will focus on a coordinated effort to educate and support local candidates about our profession through fundraising projects. The Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors and provides leadership in strengthening the Association’s relationships with legislative candidates who will champion the AHCA cause and purpose. Meetings are TBD and will be held at the AHCA office.

Association Budget / Finance – Cindy Leach, Chair / Frank Caruso, Staff
The Budget / Finance committee is responsible for the preparation and oversight of the Association budget and financial assets. This committee also addresses non-dues revenue and membership development. It is focused on internal AHCA financial issues, not rates or state or federal fiscal policy. Meetings are generally held throughout the year as necessary.

Bylaws – Sean Mockbee, Chair / David Voepel, Staff
The Bylaws Committee meets to review and make adjustments to the AHCA bylaws when necessary.

Subcommittee: Policy & Procedures:
The Policy & Procedures Sub-Committee will develop policies and procedures to complement the Bylaws for the day-to-day operations of the Association. Meetings may be held as necessary.

Convention / Education – Kelly Bojorquez, Chair / Maria Molina, Staff
The Convention / Education committee assists in planning AHCA’s convention and education programs. Speakers are suggested and reviewed, topics and themes are discussed, as well as ideas for additional training and education offered through the Association. Meetings are generally held the first Friday of each month at 9:00 am at the AHCA office.

Nominating – Sean Mockbee, Chair / Krysten Dobson, Staff
The Nominating Committee meets at least 60 days prior to the annual convention to offer suggestions for the upcoming slate of offices for the AHCA Board of Directors. Additional meetings are held at the committee’s discretion.

Public Policy – Heather Friebus, Chair / David Voepel, Staff
The Public Policy Committee meets to provide public policy oversight and direction for the Arizona Health Care Association. Members will be actively involved with the state and federal legislation related to long term care and will assist in advocacy on both the administrative and legislative level. Meetings are generally held the second Friday of each month at 10:30 am via conference call.

Quality & Regulatory Committee – Heather Hudson, Chair / Kay Huff, Staff
The Quality / Regulatory committee will provide leadership in quality assurance and improvement in long term care, as well as regulatory issues, survey trends and CMS information affecting skilled nursing and assisted living. Meetings are generally held the second Friday of every month at 9:00 am at the AHCA office.

Workforce Development – Jim Guschl, Chair / Krysten Dobson and Kay Huff, Staff
The Workforce Committee will focus on a statewide, coordinated effort to develop, support and implement strategic solutions to address the shortage of allied health professionals and to engage with other leaders in this area on efforts related to the nursing workforce. Meetings are quarterly and will be held at the AHCA office.