Arizona Gives Day is April 9, 2014

The Arizona Health Care Foundation is participating in the statewide online donation campaign — Arizona Gives Day. This is your chance to impact the work of the Arizona Health Care Foundation by going online to and donating. Last year, more than 800 nonprofits participated, raising more than $1million!

It’s easy to do, just visit and click on “Schedule Your Donation Now.” A quick search will take you to the Arizona Health Care Foundation’s fundraising page. Our goal is to raise $25,000 to benefit the Foundation’s programs, such as the Live A Dream , Academic Scholarships, and others. Any amount is appreciated. Would you take a moment right now and give? The Arizona Health Care Foundation thanks you for your support!

The Arizona Health Care Foundation (AHCF) makes dreams a reality for residents in long term care settings and for the dedicated staff who provide direct care and services.

Established in 1997 to enhance the lives of our residents and the people who care for them, AHCF sponsors two programs throughout the year. One is the Live A Dream Award for residents and the other is the Scholarship Award to assist long term care staff in furthering their education.

The experiences and wisdom of our elders deserve both honor and respect. In some cases, lifetime dreams are unfulfilled because of health, finances, and unexpected life circumstances. To acknowledge these dreams and make wishes a reality, the Live A Dream program provides monetary support and professional assistance to help each recipient live their dream. For a Live A Dream application, please click here.

The Arizona Health Care Foundation is a non-profit organization comprised entirely of volunteers. The funds raised by the Foundation are distributed to honor Live A Dream and scholarship recipients, and assist in the implementation of innovative long term care programs.

Some Past Live A Dream Recipients

Edward was born in 1921 and played for the State Senators in Phoenix. His dream of attending an Arizona Diamondbacks game was fulfilled with the assistance of the Diamondbacks Baseball Team and AHCF. His son and granddaughter joined him, and all had a wonderful time. The event changed Edward’s perspective on life and he has been smiling ever since.

Elizabeth had not seen her sister Harriett in many years. She was born in 1919 and fondly recalled her former days living with her family in Illinois. Through the Live A Dream Award and support of her long term care facility, Harriet was flown to Arizona for a visit with her sister, and it was truly a heartwarming visit.

Barbara was in her early 30s when she contracted M.S. and has been in long term care for the past several years. She is a college graduate and former model, so image was very important to her. Her “Dream” was to have dentures to replace the many broken and missing teeth, so she could smile again. Through the Foundation and the generous support of a dentist and the facility, Barbara was fitted with new teeth, which completely changed her outlook on life and her self confidence.

In all instances, lives were changed—and not only were the residents enriched, but also the staff and families of the recipients.

How You Can Help

Tributes — a unique, personal, and caring gift to honor a friend, family member, or colleague for special occasions such as holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, graduation, and more.

Memorials — celebrate the memory of a special person who has passed away When you make a tribute or memorial gift, the Arizona Health Care Foundation will send an acknowledgement to your honoree informing them of your kindness and generosity. The acknowledgement will be sent to anyone you specify and the amount of your gift will not be mentioned.

Donations — consider a general contribution to the Foundation to help AHCF continue granting Live A Dream Awards and Education Scholarships to deserving applicants.

Wills and Other Planned Giving — allows you to combine your charitable giving goals with your estate and financial planning needs, and may include annuities, trusts, and bequests. All planned gifts, large and small, help to further the goals of the Foundation.