A 12-Part Clinical Webinar Series

Session 1: Something Seems Off — Identifying Changes in Condition

Apply best practices for identifying, communicating, and monitoring changes in condition to ensure optimal resident outcomes and reduce hospitalizations.

  • January 20

Session 2: Fall Prevention and Management

Apply concepts of effective root cause analysis for falls to improve care planning strategies.

  • February 17

Session 3: Reducing Infections

Review strategies to reduce infection rates and manage outbreaks with a focus on standards of care, staff competency focus areas, and critical nursing assessment principles.

  • March 17

Session 4: Care of the Dialysis Recipient

Review requirements specific to residents receiving in-house or offsite dialysis with guidance on pre and post treatment monitoring protocols.

  • April 21

Session 5: Breathe easy – Respiratory Care and Services

Meet standards for respiratory care programming including oxygen therapy, tracheostomy and ventilator care, and MDI and nebulizer administration.

  • May 19

Session 6: Skin/wound care and Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Examine skin management and wound prevention strategies, along with standards of care for preventing and treating pressure injuries/ulcers.

  • June 16

Session 7: Depression, Anxiety and Trauma Informed Care

Manage depression and anxiety in the LTC setting and implement a trauma informed care approach.

  • July 21

Session 8: Dementia Care, Behavioral Health, and Antipsychotic Reduction

Best practices for Dementia and behavioral health care and strategies for reducing antipsychotics through non-pharmacological interventions.

  • August 18

Session 9: Pain Identification and Management

Clinical standards and regulatory requirements related to assessment, management and documentation of pain, along with potential consequences of poorly managed pain.

  • September 15

Session 10: End of Life Care – Hospice and Palliative Care

Understand the similarities and differences between hospice and palliative care, as well as effective systems for collaboration with hospice providers.

  • October 20

Session 11: Nutrition, Hydration and Weight Loss 

Best practices for systems related to nutrition and hydration, and strategies for reducing weight loss in LTC facilities.

  • November 17

Session 12: Incontinence, UTI, Catheters

Assessment and management of incontinence, catheter use, and the infection classification criteria for UTIs.

  • December 15